Of all the cars it's produced in recent years, McLaren says the 570GT has been one of its biggest successes.

The car is outperforming the company's initial sales projections, and customers have been asking for a followup that offers more space and more comfort in a package that's more distinct.

Enter the new McLaren GT -- the simply and succinctly named grand tourer that slots somewhere between the 570GT and 720S in the company's supercar lineup.

As you can see in the accompanying photos and video, this isn't just some GT-ified derivative of McLaren's 570-, 600- or 720-badged models.

"We didn't want a derivative of something that already existed," Ian Digman, McLaren's global head of product management, told me during a backgrounder for the new GT in Los Angeles, California, last month.

And while you can certainly find links to McLaren's other cars in the GT, dig a bit deeper and you'll see how different it really is.

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