Amazing how fast Pai and his team can move when motivated

On Wednesday morning, after years of actively ignoring demands that phone companies be made to block robocalls by default, the head of the telecom regulating FCC had a sudden change of heart.

"Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is proposing bold action to help consumers block unwanted robocalls," announced an official release.

"He has circulated a declaratory ruling that, if adopted, would allow phone companies to block unwanted calls to their customers by default."

On Tuesday night at past 2200 Washington DC time, reporters received an email inviting them to a press call at 0845 the next morning, where Pai outlined his bold vision and claimed – to raised eyebrows – that "many voice providers have held off developing and deploying call blocking tools by default because of uncertainty about whether these tools are legal under the FCC's rules."

The sudden decision to put forward something that fellow FCC Commissioners have been demanding for years is all the more unusual given that just this week, in response to mounting pressure from lawmakers and state attorneys general, Pai had re-re-re-announced his "call" for the phone industry to adopt a call authentication system.

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