Organizations facilitating the US Department of Defense specifically the business involved in the supply of products or services are required to meet the new guidelines mentioned for 800-171 compliance. It is very crucial to become a NIST compliant as penalty will be raised on a contractor and as a result, one will lose the opportunities to serving the government. The recent updates in the guidelines prioritize manage cyber security to demonstrate the government’s objective to ensure the protection of controlled unclassified information and avoid security breaches.

The new rules are laid down to encourage IT security practices among non-federal agencies or business partners to get NIST compliance & qualify for government contracts. The importance of managed cyber security generalizes the mandate rules & regulation that every contractor is required to follow in order to match the standards of compliance. The US DoD enlisted all the mandatory requirements & security rules that every contractor or business owner must follow. There is a set of 110 security requirements & rules imposed by DoD under NIST compliance that are being derived from another standard i.e NIST SP 800-53 that specifically focuses on the cyber security.

DoD’s attempt to safeguard sensitive data from security breaches

The government agencies named as NIST, NARA, DoD, & other regulatory bodies collaborate to announce the updates & assist non-federal agencies by providing descriptive guides, handbooks, & faqs for the implementation of strategic & managed cyber security solutions for NIST 800-171 compliance. NIST redefined the templates to match the standards of System Security Plans (SSP) to let businesses meet all requirements for compliance & come up with the required documentation for the same. The government also mentioned the descriptive guidance to further clarify the prime aim to impose the implementation of assessment & review of IT system & controls.

Cyber security and NIST compliance go hand in hand

To ensure effortless implementation of guidelines for NIST 800-171 compliance, DoD came up with a future date to apply security controls & analyze the systems via Plans of Actions & Milestones. The updated DOD guidance based on reviewing system & security plans is being defined to mention the requirements for NIST 800-171 & security facilities. However, their implementation doesn’t assign risk scores to controls.

The high risks of security breaches led government agencies to adopt NIST compliance for managed cyber security as government contracts involve sensitive data or controlled unclassified data. The latest guidelines for NIST 800-171 compliance enables businesses to analyze their IT security systems to prevent third-party access to important data.

Managed cybers ecurity is an integral factor behind the renewal of rules of NIST compliance. Therefore, the majority of non-federal agencies or government contractors are turning towards professionals to get qualified for NIST 800-171 compliance.