Buying a projector is a much more intimidating prospect than buying a TV.

You can at least go see most televisions in a store, and once you’ve made your purchase, setting it up can be as simple as putting it on an entertainment stand and plugging it in (though a quick calibration is a good idea too).

With a projector, you have to worry about the right lighting and right screen and even focusing the dang thing.

Projectors can be worth it though!

The £1,400 BenQ W2700, £2,200 Epson TW7400, £1,800 Optoma UHD60, £1,253 Viewsonic PX272-4K, and £2,200 Vivitek HK2288 all fall within the above price range.

Then you have to level the projector, so it’s at the right height, keystone the image so that it’s a perfect rectangle instead of one side being narrower than another, and finally focus the picture so there’s a sharp image on screen.

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