From its founding, Datrium took the middle ground between converged and hyperconverged systems with hyperconverged nodes running DVX storage controller software which linked them to a shared storage box.

This did not enable Datrium to emerge as a leading player alongside Nutanix and Dell EMC but it was successful enough to convince backers that its foundation DVX software and services were worth developing further.

CloudShift provides DRaaS by failing over from a failed DVX on-premises site to CloudDVX; an AWS cloud-native instance of DVX software running on the VMware Cloud on AWS, using EC2 and S3a.

Changed on-premises DVX data is sent on a SaaS basis to CloudDVX using replication and global deduplication.

We're told Automatrix will offer a suite of autonomous data management applications, built on SaaS application frameworks, with machine learning used to simplify and automate complicated IT tasks.

The first such app is ControlShift, the new name for CloudShift.

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