Google and Nest are merging into a single brand aptly called Google Nest.

Even the popular integration between Nest products and Amazon's assistant Alexa seemed to be threatened by the change.

If your smart home setup automatically caused your Nest Cam to start recording when an alarm sounded, or your Nest Thermostat to go into away mode when you left, it looked like those integrations would stop working.

Google is still focusing new features on Google smart home accounts moving forward -- Nest accounts will be moved to a maintenance mode and only receive security updates, but at the very least, the change now won't sever the smart home connections you've come to rely on.

Google and third parties had previously made clear that updates were in the works, but now the hard deadline of August 31st shouldn't be an issue.

Different Abode kits include a variety of sensors, sirens, cameras, and even gadgets like switches, lights and dimmers.

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