Tesla is updating the thermal management software for its vehicles' batteries, the company said Wednesday.

The changes are being made out of an "abundance of caution" following two fires in Hong Kong and Shanghai that seemed to ignite without a clear cause.

Business Insider reported in April that oversights and missteps by Panasonic at Tesla's Nevada Gigafactory could potentially increase fire risk in Tesla's batteries.

Tesla said Wednesday that it will update the thermal management settings in its vehicles' software in response to a string of seemingly spontaneous fires.

The company said it has not yet determined a cause of the Model S which caught fire in a Hong Kong shopping mall on March 14, or that of another in a Shanghai parking garage in April.

"Tesla battery packs are engineered with a state-of-the-art design so that in the very rare instance a fire does occur, it spreads very slowly and vents heat away from the cabin, alerting occupants that there is an issue and giving them enough time to exit the vehicle," a Tesla spokesperson said regarding the Hong King fire.

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