We still may not know when Sprint's 5G network will be turned on, but we know where it'll happen first and now, when its first 5G devices will be available.

On Thursday the company announced that it will begin taking preorders for its first 5G phone and hotspot, LG's V50 ThinQ 5G phone and the HTC 5G Hub hotspot, this Friday.

The LG phone will be available for $1,152 at retail while the HTC 5G Hub will cost $600 if purchased outright.

Sprint will offer monthly payment options for both devices, bringing the LG phone down to a discounted $24 per month when purchased on the company's 18-month Sprint Flex program and the HTC Hub to $12.50 per month when purchasing that device on installment pricing.

While Sprint hasn't given an exact timing date for when the network will be turned on, the company has previously said that it would turn on 5G in Atlanta, Dallas and Kansas City in May, making it possible the nation's fourth-largest carrier will wait until the last minute to reach that deadline.

Houston will also get 5G in May.

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