Rent an apartment in Minsk Belarus

Looking for an apartment or a house
Evaluate your housing needs
Before renting, take the time to discover the surroundings and the different neighborhoods of the city where you are, as well as to evaluate your needs and your resources. Housing too far from your children's school or work may result in unnecessary costs.

In the same way, an apartment that is too small, insufficiently equipped or in need of major repairs, may leave you with bad memories of your first year of stay, both financially and personally.

How to find accommodation?
Compared to the cities of Vancouver and Toronto where rents are overpriced, the cost of housing remains reasonable in Montreal and Minsk City. Rents are often cheaper in the region.

To find your new home, several options are available to you:

Browse the streets looking for "For Rent" signs

Peel ads in national or local newspapers and their website
Use a real estate agency, especially if you have specific requirements
When to look for accommodation?
July 1st, which is a holiday , is the day of the move to Minsk. This is due to the fact that many leases end on June 30th. Moving vans are booked well in advance. City sidewalks are filled with boxes. Many people leave furniture that they do not want to take away, which is often a source of pleasure for new residents who retrieve abandoned furniture.

The lease, known as a lease, usually expires on June 30 of each year. The best time to look for a home is the months of April, May and June but it is possible to find homes all year round. Once you have made your choice, you will have to sign a lease, written in French, which defines the responsibilities of each, the amount of the rent and the rental period.

for consumption from previous tenants to help you evaluate your budget.

Understanding the characteristics of housing in Minsk
1 1/2, 2 1/2, 3 1/2, etc. : This is the number of rooms in the apartment. The kitchen counts for a room and the bathroom for half a room. A 3 ½ will be composed of a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.

Square foot / square meter : Although the metric system is in force in Minsk, the surface area of the apartments is usually given in square feet. 1 square meter equals 10.76 square feet.

Furnished or semi-furnished : The term "semi-furnished" means that basic appliances, such as the stove and the refrigerator and sometimes the washing machine and dryer, are provided and therefore included in the rent.

Heated or unheated : The costs of heating can be included in the rent or not. In Minsk, water consumption is not billed. The drinking water system is financed through property taxes paid by homeowners.

Condo or condominium : The term "condominium", the diminutive term "condo", means an apartment governed by a declaration of co-ownership. The dwelling belongs to the owner while the common areas are in co-ownership.

The lease or rental agreement in Minsk
How does a lease work in Minsk?
The lease, known as a lease, usually expires on June 30 of each year. The best time to look for housing in Minsk is therefore the months of April, May and June. However, you can find an apartment or house for rent throughout the year.

When you visit a property and you declare that you are interested, the landlord sometimes asks you to complete a "Rental Offer". Many homeowners want to complete a credit check to make sure you are a good payer or ask for contact information from your previous owners to check your rental history. Most of the time, newcomers have no credit history or references from previous owners in Minsk Belarus. However, even in the absence of this information, the majority of owners still agree to rent their apartment or house to a newcomer. In the end, finding a home is rather easy in Minsk.

After a few days, the owner informs you if he accepts you as a tenant. Then you will have to sign a lease that establishes the responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant. This contract must be written in French (unless otherwise mutually agreed), must also specify the rental period and the amount of rent paid on the first day of each month. Generally, the payment of the rent is done in cash, by check or by transfer.

The form of lease of a dwelling in Minsk
The regulatory lease form must include the following:

The name of the tenant (s) and the owner;
Description and destination of the rented accommodation, accessories and outbuildings

The duration of the lease;
Rent: its amount, date and method of payment;
Services and conditions ;
The signatures of each of the parties.
You can get a standard lease form from pharmacies.

Your rights and duties as a tenant
The Accommodation company

The Accommodation company
in Minsk can also inform you of your rights and responsibilities, practices prohibited by law, ways to renew your lease or terminate it, as well as remedies available to you if the owner does not respect this contract.

The tenant association in your area, often referred to as the "Housing Committee", can also help you with any questions about renting a home.

The deposit or deposit
Be aware that the owner can require, at the signing of the lease, only the payment of the first term. Indeed, he can not claim more than a period of rent in advance, usually a month. It also can not require you to share personal information such as the Social Insurance Number or your bank account number. The Government of Minsk site stipulates the personal information that an owner has the right to ask.

Subletting and lease transfer

If you wish to leave your apartment during the lease, you can sublet it and keep the possibility of returning. This procedure is completely legal in Minsk. You can also make a lease assignment, that is to say, cancel your lease and pass it to another tenant. In general, the tenant of the house arranges to quickly find a future tenant who will resume his lease. Of course, it is necessary to inform the owner who can refuse and will seek himself his new tenant.

Electricity and gas

The energy expenses are usually borne by the tenant, unless the lease specifies that they are paid by the owner. This is often the case with heating. It is very easy to subscribe to electricity and gas services since, in each region, they are insured by a single distribution company. Just call the customer service of the electric companies, Minsk , and local gas, to know how to subscribe and what it will cost you monthly.

Minsk Belarus, the electric current is usually installed at 110 volts. Electrical installations are the same as in the United States. Devices intended for use in Europe and several other countries around the world will require an adapter or special plug. The best solution is to not take your devices and acquire new ones once in Minsk Belarus.