With Beckhoffs control system can property owners take the sting out of effekttoppar and at the same time reduce costs and the demand on the electrical system.

We're getting closer to the smart city, where buildings and installations are linked together and work together for a smarter use of energy resources.

A first step in this direction is to install the control system in real estate that gathers data about a building's energy consumption.

"Today, the need of property owners energieffektivera its existing property portfolio, this is where the big consumption," says Christer Wik, responsible for the business area of building automation at Beckhoff, and continues:

– To improve the effectiveness of their energy-consuming means to some extent that property owners look to the traditional elements, as the isolation of the climate barrier.

The collected data can be used, for example, to charge water consumption hushållvis, or adjust the heating accordingly to the needed.

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