With the massively anticipated OnePlus 7 series now public, we decided to look back at the outgoing models to see just how well they stack up in 2019 (spoiler alert: they’re still top-notch!).

However, there are some key advantages to the OnePlus 6 and 6T over cheaper models, advantages that show themselves even when the devices are over six months old.

Sure, these panels don’t quite match the OnePlus 7 Pro’s QHD or even UHD displays we see on some smartphones, but they don’t have to, and they come bearing advantages.

The use of AMOLED screens has given OnePlus a massive advantage over its 2019 mid-range competition.

The perfect blacks and deep contrast immerse you in a way that LCD just cannot, especially in the dark and when watching dark content, where LCD gives off an unnatural glow.

I tested PUBG Mobile and Real Racing 3 to try and get these things to trip but they’re still as smooth as butter, a testament to their solid software and hardware combination.

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