That's the concept behind pressure group Rewilding Britain, which says we should come up with a strategy to cover as much as a quarter of the country in trees to offset climate change and ensure we can still fly to warmer places on aeroplanes without feeling too much guilt at drinking a £2.75 Diet Coke as we punch holes in the sky.

This would help reach any governmental "net zero" efforts of the future the group says, and could be achieved by switching farming subsidies away from agriculture and animal rearing and directing the money into encouraging the planting of trees instead.

Simples, as someone might say to erroneously make it appear they are in touch with the youth.

Salt marshes, peat bogs, lakes, heathland and grasslands would also get special treatment and see their owners paid good money for just leaving them alone and not squeezing more cows onto them or draining them out to build the sort of shit houses you see from trains on, with the bold ambition of pulling "millions of tonnes of carbon" out of the atmosphere by letting nature off the leash and restoring native woodlands.

RB's rebecca Wrigley said: "Rewilding cannot solve climate change on its own but it could play a pivotal role.

What we are calling for is more public debate around how our countryside is managed into the future and how we balance sustainable farming with ensuring local people can make a viable living."

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