On Friday, Adweek spoke with AB InBev vice president, consumer connections and draftLine lead Joao Chueiri about the development of draftLine and what we can expect from the shop in the future.

Joao Chueiri: In-house agencies have been a rising trend, and to us, draftLine is a new milestone because we have the scale and a lot of consumer data to help us take [the approach] to the next level.

There was a lot of concern for us to be more agile, to use the abundance of insights we have about our consumers to create meaningful content in a more local and a more personalized way.

What was the timeline around the creation of draftLine?

We started in May of last year, working with Michelob Ultra, and [we] wanted to learn from the model.

[Back then,] it was maybe a handful of people, and now we have more than 50 on staff working for all the brands in the portfolio.

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