A recent survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by Life Storage revealed that the average move entails two nights of lost sleep, two arguments with a partner, and two crying jags.

Nearly a third of Americans consider moving to be more stressful than interviewing for a job, and 13% say that a week in jail would be easier than a move.

And Home Depot is hoping they’ll make pretty good customers.

As America enters moving season—over 80% of moves happen between April and September—Home Depot is reaching out to Americans in the process of uprooting their lives to go somewhere else.

Starting earlier this month, the 41-year-old home improvement chain started rolling out in-store workshops, how-to materials and social media outreach, all designed to remind miserable movers that they can find both materials and help at the big-box store.

In response to these findings, Home Depot has set up a mover’s landing page, and select stores have scheduled live workshops to teach attendees how to change those locks (and patch those walls, and apply til, and put down new flooring, etc.).

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