What is the best website design and trends in Singapore? What techniques is vital for your site? Here’s a few tips:

The user experience of a website is largely dependent on how we showcase it. Is your web design appealing? Will users be able to navigate smoothly without ambiguity? How long does it take for a page to load? Such factors will make or break your customer’s attention span to your website.

How the website design should be:

Clutter Free:

A business website design should be simple at the same time captivating. Having too much information or a complicated design can overwhelm the viewer. Allow your website to breathe and your users to have a pleasant viewing experience.

Mobile friendly:

This merely means that your site will adapt and rearrange when viewed on mobile devices. But that will not make your website mobile friendly. You will need to ensure that your website provides a user-friendly experience across all devices.

Contact details easily visible:

Your phone number and e-mail address should be displayed prominently on the website and, if possible, at the top and bottom of every page. Create a ‘CONTACT’ page that includes not just the contact numbers but email address, physical address of the company, and a map, along with directions to and hours of operation of your company.

Design should be simple and unique:

The first impression is the most important and will either attract or repel viewers. If you use the design from every other webpage, you will never be able to create an impact on the viewer’s mind. The homepage of any website is what will clinch the deal for you so ensure that this becomes the anchor for your entire site and is impressive enough to catch the viewer’s attention.

Quick Site load time:

Viewers get impatient if a site takes too much time to load. Ensure that your small business website design has the right server infrastructure and bandwidth to support it. Site load time can also be improved by picking up good hosts.