Have you been kicking yourself for waiting too long to buy a Tesla and missing out on the whole Free Unlimited Supercharging thing?

Well, according to a report Tuesday by Electrek, you're getting another chance at it.

Well, Tesla is bringing back its free unlimited Supercharging promotion only for new Model S and Model X vehicles in inventory that are pre-hardware-update.

Mostly it means no Model S with 370 miles of range or Model X with 325 miles of range.

It also means you're missing out on other smaller hardware changes like 200 kW Supercharging and the new adaptive suspension -- oh, and the tidy power increase from the new motors.

Also, unlike other incarnations of the promotion, this version of Free Unlimited Supercharging isn't transferrable, meaning that you can't use it as a selling feature when you go to send your Model S or X down the road.

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