In modern education system, teachers adopt methods of assignments for the purpose to judge the ability of the student and to get to know that either student prepare their assignments by their own or they cheat it from someone else. Cheating is considered as an unethical means of passing examinations and in all countries educational institutions do not tolerate those who plagiarized their assignment. Such students got failed in examinations and needs to reappear in next semester.

Why teachers are so much concerned regarding plagiarism?

Teachers are more concerned regarding plagiarism because they give assignment to students in order to gain knowledge and learn something. But students want to pass examinations with flying colors. So, they get assignment done from the other class mate and submit the duplicate copy of it by his or her name. In order to satisfy the needs of teachers there are many assignment writing services providers provide non plagiarized work to millions of students by charging a nominal fee. These assignment writing service providers include help with the assignment, write my essay, coursework writing service company and the last but not the least dissertation help.

How teachers detect plagiarism?

Detecting Plagiarism is a quite continent task for the teachers. In order to detect plagiarism teachers install some plagiarism detecting software such as Turnitin, Safe Assign, Paper Rater, Plagiarisma and Copyleaks. Plagiarism is an activity of utilizing or copying the languages ideas of the research work conducted by the other researcher in the past time with no getting any permission from him or her, and represent his or her work by own name and submit in the colleges and universities for grading purpose  .They just attached file on software and click on detect plagiarism within few minutes these software detect plagiarized work included in Assignments, essays, Dissertations and many other academic reports. Normally, all over the world 10% plagiarized work is acceptable. However in some countries less than Ten percent, Fifteen Percent or Twenty Percent is acceptable all over the world. If the students got plagiarism rate above these percentages then he or she declared failed grade in the respective subject and needs to study again in the next semester.

Some Plagiarism Detecting Software

There are some plagiarism detecting software are present. In given below some of them are shown.

  • Safe Assign.
  • Paper Rater.
  • Dupli Checker.
  • Plagiarism Checker.
  • PlagScan
  • PlagTracker
  • QueText
  • Viper

How to get rid of the Plagiarism

Students can easily get rid of the plagrisim by reading material from the internet and then paraphrase the substance which they understand after reading the content from internet and other sources such as books, blogs, magazine, research journals and so on. One another popular way to get rid from the plagiarism is to attend lectures in class attentively, take notes of the lectures and then read notes thoroughly before starting assignment. It will provide benefits for the students and they can easily prepare outstanding assignment which can help them to earn good marks in the assignments. It is the way to get rid of the plagiarism.


 This article was written by Alan Max. He is a software developer and have conduct extensive research on the writing styles.