A typical English issue faced by non-native speakers is the incorrect pronunciation. Numerous students ask themselves how they can improve pronunciation. Pronunciation is significant in the English language. Dialects may differ from place to place, but clear and correct pronunciation is basic in getting one’s message  comprehended. Proper pronunciation guarantees a native speaker comprehends the words and can understand the message being transmitted. Mispronunciation of words in English outcomes in a breakdown in communication as the meaning and purpose of the message may alter dramatically or lose altogether. Words such as “affect” and “impact" are a prime example of this.

A direct effect of improper pronunciation is that those who mispronounce English words might be construed as illiterate or less literate.  It might influence a person's performance either at school or work. It could also lead to discrimination as well. A basic part of proper pronunciation is enunciation where one must utilize the parts of phonics to correctly articulate words. Students who are hoping to improve pronunciation have a scope of choices at hand, all of which can be classed into two major groups i.e. classroom learning and self-learning.

Learning in an English class gives students the option to practice their pronunciation in front of a group of friends. However, the emphasis on performance in front of the peer audience can adversely affect performance.

The perfect method to improve pronunciation is constant practice and use. This strategy is perfectly facilitated by the internet. The English speaking course in Chandigarh classes provides an excellent source of resources for the students because they enable the students repeatedly to hear the words they wish to pronounce enunciated in the correct form they need to feel uncomfortable at times.