LinkedIn guilty of the same issue in 2017

Desktop users logging in to LinkedIn this week were briefly warned by their browsers that doing so was likely to be insecure – after the Microsoft-owned platform let an SSL certificate expire; an embarrassing lapse for a social network with 610 million-plus users.

The issue – which affected the short link Tuesday afternoon – was pointed out to the company by a range of users, including Texas-based Forcepoint‘s Carl Leonard, who noted that it is the second time LinkedIn has let this happen; a cert also expired in 2017.

LinkedIn SSL Lapse: Not the First Time…

He told Computer Business Review in an emailed comment: “Large organisations with hundreds of millions of users globally should be setting the standard for security practices and unfortunately this is the second time that LinkedIn failed to update their SSL certificate, effectively putting user data and privacy at risk.”

“Although this expired certificate only appeared to affect desktop users of LinkedIn, users had to rely on their browsers to alert them to the risks associated with the site.

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