Third-party risk, including supply chain weaknesses, is a hot topic among board rooms

A separate study found that, although the share price of breach-affected companies shows its sharpest drop 14 days after the breach is made public, there is still a discernible impact on the organisation’s stock valuation three years post-event.

We are still very much in the midst of a shift in mindset from a technology-centric to a business-centric view of cyber threats.

CISOs need both technical expertise in analysing and interpreting threat metrics and technology performance, and the ability to apply these skills in a broader business context for board directors so they can deliver strategic cyber risk oversight and governance for the business.

Reporting to the Board – From Numbers to Narrative

While increasingly boards are factoring cyber skillsets into their succession planning when recruiting new board members, most current board directors don’t have deep experience in cybersecurity.

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