Reuters managed to wring a figure of between 4 and 24 per cent from Fubon Research and Strategy Analytics.

US firms were banned from any contact with Huawei then days later given a three-month reprieve.

Trump has recently changed from describing Huawei as very dangerous to saying it could be included in a future trade deal.

In a freewheeling interview with assorted media, Huawei's boss Ren Zhenfei waxed lyrical about his desire to continue working with international partners and downplayed the importance of the US market – where Huawei handset sales languish and are not sold by any major carrier.

Ren noted that Huawei works with dozens of US-based consultancies including IBM and Accenture and credited them with helping build the company.

He also said that in 2000 Huawei was on the brink of selling to a US firm.

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