Technology has enabled us to have our favorite food from the preferred restaurants and eat it at home. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the restaurant industry not just to fulfill the expectations of the customers but also to enhance the sales of restaurants. Here the question arises, how restaurant owners can boost their sales using artificial intelligence. There are four applications of AI that are most common in growing the restaurant business.


Robots speed up the making and delivering of food. Flippy is an artificial intelligent kitchen assistant robot designed to handle various tasks of the kitchen like plating, grilling and frying. Sensors with camera and software installed in this robot allow it to monitor the essential aspects of food preparation including the temperature control

Pepper is another AI-driven robot. It performs the duty of a waiter taking customer orders, recommending products and taking payments via MasterCard. Customers can even talk to pepper like they chat with an ordinary human being and experience the same level of services. In Asia, Pizza Hut has bought a number of Pepper robots for the use in their restaurants.

Artificial Intelligence based POS Systems

In this modern era, the artificial intelligence based POS systems can help restaurant owners to improve their restaurant management and ordering system. With innovative Restaurant POS, restaurant owners can provide excellent customer services without any hassle.

Smart Kiosks

Al-Driven kiosks save the time of customers and maximize the advantage. It is a self-service technology working on the principles of AI. Smart kiosks provide the facility to order food through a digitized menu. They recommend products according to the preference or even the weather. The digital menu box comes with a touchscreen that allows customers to choose the amount of sugar in their soft drink, salt in fries and sauce in burger. Large franchise restaurants like McDonald's, Wendy's and KFC China are availing this technology to increase their sales and to save the labor cost


Chatbots assist the restaurants in providing customer support around the clock. The Chatbots ask the customer relevant information like whether they will collect their food or want a delivery. The customers only have to enter the name of the food to initiate the ordering process. Using this technology Domino's Pizza has elevated approximately $4.7 billion global sales annually. Voice-enabled Chatbots provides the convenience of ordering the food by just saying the word and also customers can pay for their orders by this app.

Utilizing the power of Chatbots in boosting sales is not only limited to large food restaurants. Eateries of any size can benefit from Chatbots technology. Chatbots help in engaging with more customers and 80% of businesses are already using Chatbots. Apps and Chatbots ease dealing with customer orders and provide virtual assistance to answer the queries of customers, thus improving customer interaction.

Food Service Apps

AI is utilized in food service apps to benefit the restaurant industry. It boosts not only the customer service level but also improves the quality of food.

TellSpec is an AI company that developed a hand-held scanner for the classification of contents of food. Using this app, customers can recognize the calories and the whole composition of the food being served on their table. This technology can identify the harmful substances in food, thus the restaurants can improve the quality of their food.

Advantages of AI

There are amazing benefits of artificial intelligence technology in the restaurant industry in which some of them are mentioned below:

1. Efficiency

Robotics increases the efficiency of restaurants. It results in a consistent experience for customers. Using robots for preparation and delivery of food saves time and they make the meals to specification each time.

2. Repetition

By using AI, restaurants can carry out the tasks rapidly as compared to humans and it also enables multi-tasking without making mistakes. It is a convenient way to achieve customer satisfaction and enhance sales. Robots do repetitive works with perfection without tiring or getting bored.

3. Savings

Hiring and managing staff is one of the hectic jobs. By using AI in restaurants, you can reduce the stress and expenses associated with the hiring process. Restaurant owners now do not have to spend time thinking about the demands of the employees and worry about their vacations or time off, all thanks to AI.

4. Fewer Mistakes

AI eliminates human error by using automated processes. Robots performing back-office functions and preparing food won't feel pressure during peak times. Contrary to that, humans are more likely to make mistakes in stressful times. Thus, restaurant owners can ensure the utmost benefit without any mistakes or errors.