Google Chrome is the most famous internet browser around the world. It is compatible with major operating systems and hardware where software apps can be run. It is the first choice on Windows PC and Android phones. The new updates for Google Chrome roll out every month, and you need to update it regularly for its good performance. Here’s how to update Google Chrome manually.

Here are the steps to update Google Chrome Manually Using Computer

• Open Google Chrome by going to the desktop.

• Press on the Main Menu symbol located at the top right-hand side of the Google Chrome browser application screen.

• Click on the Help button located in the pull-down list.

• Press on the “Update Google Chrome” button provided in the general menu.

• In case you do not get this button, then press on the “About Google Chrome” button.

• In case you have chosen the latter, now the Google Chrome will open the “About” webpage.

• After that, you will see the Google Chrome latest version on the screen in case there is an update is available.

• Press on the “Relaunch” option and let Google Chrome start installing the current version.

• Now, you need to start the system again.

The additional method is a little faster, and it includes the browsing application address bar. Here are the steps are given below to update Google Chrome manually using the computer by following the additional method:

• Click twice on the internet browser symbol to open Google Chrome.

• Press on the address bar and after that, enter “chrome://chrome/.”

• After that, press on the “Enter” button.

• Now, Google Chrome will show the “About” webpage.

• Press on the “Relaunch” option and let Google Chrome start installing the latest updates.

• Then, start the computer again.

Steps to update Google Chrome Manually Using Android

• Press on the Play Store symbol given on the home screen of the Android device.

• After the application gets open on the screen, press on the Main menu symbol located at the upper left-hand side of the display.

• This symbol resembles a horizontal line.

• After that, choose the “My apps and games” option by going to the menu list.

• Now, the application which are currently available and who don’t update yet will be shown in the “Updates” column. You will find it in the Google Chrome screen.

• Press on the Update option.

Go through the steps to update Google Chrome Manually Using iPhone

• Press on the App Store symbol located on the Home screen to open the Google Chrome application.

• After that, press on the Updates option given at the end of the display.

• Now, you need to find the available updates for the Google Chrome application.

• In case you get this on the menu list, then press on the Update option to start installing the Google Chrome current version.

• In case you are not able to get this, then this means the Google Chrome application is already is in its latest version.

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