The strategy is different to VW-backed Electrify America, however, since GM and Bechtel are looking for external investors to fund the new infrastructure.

While GM has – under brands like Chevrolet and Cadillac – a number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars in its portfolio, the automaker has been reluctant to build a charging network of its own.

Instead, it has relied on third-party infrastructure, like ChargePoint and EVgo, for drivers of its EVs to top up their batteries.

The company is building out a network of vehicle-agnostic chargers, including high-speed locations that could deliver up to 350W.

That, of course, requires a vehicle with a charging system that can accept such a connection.

Still, with the right car and charger pairing, Electrify America is pushing the idea of an EV that can refuel as quickly as a gasoline vehicle might.

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