Tibet must be a beautiful fairy tale world. When you travel to Tibet, you must be fascinated by Buddhist temples bathed in sunshine, walking monks, prayer flags flying on the mountains and the faint sound of chanting. And, Every time your eyes are full of pure and flawless white. You may have seen the beauty of other places, but you're also going to be shocked here.

You can have a cup of hot buttered tea in the bustling Barkhor Street; You can also be in the noise and quietly see the believers who kowtow; Potala Palace in autumn, with more bright and beautiful colors, accompanying by the warm sun, greet people's visit.

You can also go to the beautiful Namtso Lake, although no waves rippling, no breeze and smooth, the crystal clear at this moment of her can wake up your childhood memories. In the eyes of Tibetans, the holy Namtso Lake is the most beautiful time when the sun sets with the lake rippling colorful colors. You can walk in the warm sunshine and see the magnificence of the old prayer flags in the temples of Tibet.

Those who have visited Tibetan areas and temples are invariably impressed by the splendid architecture and different textures of Tibetan Buddhist temples. In the temples, you can see the pilgrims coming and going, and you will be moved by their piety.

Whether you go to Tibet or not, the beautiful and shocking picture of Tibet always exists. But, don’t you want to travel to Tibet once in your lifetime?