This post is going to introduce the beginning, development, and current situation of Tibetan Buddhism, to help travelers know more about Tibetan culture.

It should be dated back to 1,800 years ago when it was Ancient Katao Dynasty in Tibet area, the prince Xinrao Miwo who is regarded as the master of Shakya Muni founded a religion for saving the poor people from all the pain of lives.

The other one is Triral Pachen, who respected monks very much and enacted laws that monks were tax-free and no need to work, per 7 lay people need to afford one monk’s life.

Buddhism was flourished due to the support from the top echelons of society.

A lot of monasteries, temples were built during those time, such as Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, etc.

Since then, Buddhism had developed into Tibetan Buddhism with unique plateau features, and formed several different denominations.

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