Physical activity is necessary for the well being and health of an individual. This can be in many forms such as exercise, adventure sports, outdoor games or even water sports. Water sports are a major trend and a hit amongst people of all ages. Swimming is one of the best recreational activities but water sports is a term which covers many other activities in it as well. Swimming itself can be made into an adventure sport when swimming is facilitated as swimming in a lake or other natural water body. This is an adventure sport and nature activity combined together.

Other popular water sports include zip-line into the water, jet ski, kayaking, boating etc. Water sports are available in many adventure resorts and amusement parks as well. Land terrain adventure sports such as ATV, slush games, outdoor games are common but water sports set a resort or adventure camp apart from the rest. Water sports are a thrilling experience that feeds all the senses and offers fun for the everyone age group.

Activities such as kayaking, boating and swimming are also opportunities for group activities and bonding amongst individuals. Water sports used to be an attraction only at water parks earlier but are now present in most adventure resorts in Bangalore making them accessible. Water sports are a holistic activity that is fun, thrilling and healthy as well.