Having already released Vive Pro Eye in China and Europe, HTC today began selling the enterprise-class virtual reality headset in North America, and there’s one surprise: it starts at only $1,599 U.S., rather than its roughly $2,000 price elsewhere.

But there may be other costs for U.S. and Canadian customers to consider, as well.

Featuring OLED screen technology running at a 2,880 by 1,600 pixel resolution, Vive Pro Eye is an upgrade to HTC’s standard Vive Pro, differentiated largely by Tobii eye-tracking hardware and support for foveated rendering.

The headset is bundled with two of HTC’s 2018 hand controllers and two tracking base stations, but developers can create apps that are substantially controlled with your eyes, moving cursors and selecting items just by gazing.

The new headset’s base $1,599 price includes everything mentioned above, plus a link box, DisplayPort cable, USB 3 cable, and necessary power adapters, as well as cleaning and earphone adjustment parts.

Tax isn’t included, which will drive the price upwards somewhat, but shipping is free.

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