Unless you've experienced the joy of hunting down a functional computer that hadn't been updated in a decade in order to file your expenses, you probably won't appreciate the new Internet Explorer mode for the Edge browser introduced on Monday at Microsoft Build 2019.

Kidding aside, this seemingly minor feature is exceptionally important, for example, if your employer has mission-critical custom software written for ActiveX or NPAPI -- for use with oh, say, core Microsoft products such as SharePoint -- both of which have been deprecated in modern browsers for security reasons.

Microsoft also teased Edge running on MacOS, not on stage, but with a YouTube video (it's at the very end).

Other Edge updates announced at Build include more robust privacy tools.

You'll be able to choose from three levels -- Unrestricted, Balanced and Strict -- which differ on how third parties can track you.

The company also introduced Collections for the browser, which let you assemble content in a separate pane to organize, share and export it.

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