Aluminum alloy parts processing and hardware parts processing are generally carried out by means of numerical control processing, but due to the low entry threshold of CNC machining, many small-scale CNC machining workshops on the market have also caused price and quality uncertainty. Today, let's take a look at how to grasp the processing price of hardware parts, let you find a CNC machining manufacturer with quality assurance and not too expensive.

Looking for a suitable CNC processing plant
Each manufacturer has its own advantages. Small factories are suitable for proofing. Large factories are suitable for large quantities. We need to find suitable CNC processing plants according to our own needs. Generally, we calculate according to the length of processing time of products, and also according to machine tools. Calculated, for example, your product can be made with a lathe, but you have to find a machining center to do it, it must be a lot more expensive, the industry quotes are also very different, especially mixed, one reported higher than one, looking for It is best not to find a store, but to find a physical factory. As far as I know, the factory specializing in external processing is also very expensive. It is best to find a factory that processes for itself but also processes it. They are cheap and have quality. Guarantee.

How to calculate the numerical control machining price of hardware parts
1, first depends on your drawings and technical requirements
2, the material of each place is artificial, there are some places where the price difference is very large
3. The general parts are calculated according to the material cost + processing fee + profit. The processing fee is determined by the process. The price of using different processing equipment is of course different. Some calculations according to working hours (turning time, grinding time, etc.) Some are calculated according to the process (such as how much the folding board is folded, how much is the ordinary drilling, etc.)
4, there is a number of problems, the amount is large, of course, if it is a single piece, even if it is a small piece, the material is not retail, it is necessary to calculate the price of your whole board! For example, you said 0.3, manufacturers are not commonly used, If you only have one or two pieces, if you buy materials only once to buy a board (such as 1220 * 2440) then your material costs will be spent.
5, the problem of the processing plant If the parts processing plant can get it, of course, there is no problem, if the processing plant itself has some processes to be outsourced, then the price will increase accordingly. If you are already a foreign company, it is equivalent to two outsourcing! So look for the processing factory to find the right one, find what they can do, be good at doing.cnc machining.