We asked Ralph Sutton, co-host of comedy podcast The SDR Show and founder of the million+ subscriber GaS Digital Network to give us an overview, starting with day one.

I started in radio and was pretty successful, but I didn't start with the idea of, ‘Oh my God, I'm gonna make so much money on the radio!’ I just wanted to be on the radio.

Feel free to build off of their ideas and make them your own, make a list of segments and ideas to figure out your podcast's format.

I've said a million times to people, three or four guys around microphones drinking and shooting the shit is not a show, and that's 90 percent of podcasts out there.

There's a great editing platform called Soundtrap, which costs less than $15 a month to use, and a great free audio editor called Audacity.

Get a logo and a theme song

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