The tech industry is still trying to wrap its collective head around the Trump administration's export ban on Huawei.

Companies like Panasonic provided a statement to the BBC saying it would suspend transactions with Huawei, then later said it believed its transactions with Huawei were not in breach of US regulations.

For the ins and outs of export law, there's probably no better person to turn to than international trade lawyer Kevin Wolf, who recently wrote a bulletin detailing some of the finer points of how export law applies to Huawei.

Export law has this sort of viral property to it, in that anything that contains more than a trivial amount (the legal term is "de minimis") of US-origin items also becomes a US-origin item.

We saw this property of export law in action when chip designer ARM ended its relationship with Huawei.

ARM is based in Cambridge, UK, and was purchased by Japan's SoftBank in 2016.

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