rumour has it that the next version of the Mac OS, it will replace the Itunes with the new apps for music, video, podcasts, and videos.

the music will be, according to Guilherme Rambo on a 9-to-5 Mac have to be a cut-down version of Itunes that will still retain the ANTI-synchronization, and other high-end features, but it will not have any other sections other than just the music.

Now, the reports on Macrumors that Apple has already begun the phase-out of the Itunes on a number of fronts.

and the Itunes pages on Facebook and Instagram has been removed from the content.

in the past, there was the Facebook-the page has been moved to an Apple TV, instead (including the skapelsedatumet 2009).

the Developer, Craig Hockenberry, has written in the Twitter that links to the now to be forwarded to the

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