Four years later, 29Rooms is a juggernaut that has expanded to five cities, set trends in experiential marketing and cemented Refinery29 as a progressive media brand, in both content and business strategy.

Co-founders and longtime creative partners Piera Gelardi and Christene Barberich are major forces behind the event’s success, and they’re among Adweek’s Creative 100—the most inspiring and innovative people in marketing and media in 2019.

When did it begin, how has it evolved, what is the dynamic like?

We also saw the event amplified hugely by our fans who use it as a stage to express themselves and share their stories on social.

It’s truly a living, breathing expression of the topics we cover on Refinery29, but where the fans become the authors of the content.

When you continually remind your teams that they operate in a safe space to share and exchange ideas, it cultivates a certain energy that really helps foster creativity and a certain degree of risk-taking.

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