SAN ANTONIO -- June 11, 2019 -- The 2019 International Human Performance Summit (IHPS) taking place at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) July 18-19 will unite sport scientists with high-performing athletic and military teams to explore practical applications for innovative research.

"Many complex factors affect the performance of athletes and elite military units, from neuroscience and sleep to strength and conditioning," said Kase Saylor, co-lead of SwRI's Human Performance Initiative.

"IHPS 2019 will provide a venue where collegiate and professional sports and military organizations can learn how science and technology are helping others gain a competitive advantage."

Now in its third year, the summit will feature experts discussing sleep, nutrition, genetics, training and neuroscience, among other topics.

Stuart Phillips (Nutrition, McMaster University)

Amy Kruse (Neuroscience and Human Potential, Platypus Institute)

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