Aquamarines are one of the well loved stones of all time aquamarine crystal. The Aquamarine emerald cut ring will surely be one of the jewelry pieces that girls would love to flaunt around.

Aquamarine stone are captivating gemstones. They came from the beryl family and it is the sister stone of emeralds. Aquamarine like any other beryls is durable and amazingly brilliant. Its color is perceived to be same as those legendary mermaids. It is believed that this particular gemstone originated from mermaid's tails because of the color. Lore regarding this stone includes sailors wearing aquamarine does not get sea sick and that it gives the wearer foresight, courage and happiness.

Because of the stone's durability it is often the favorite gemstone of jewelry designers. These stone has the ability to be cut in a variety of ways, and this includes the emerald cut or step cut. This cut is named after its sister stone emerald because it is the cut used to cut emeralds. This cut is quite popular because it displays the majesty and radiance the stone has.

Why do I love this particular ring? Simple, because of its simplicity and it radiates the innocence of youth. Staring in this beautiful gemstone, it is like staring in the wide blue sea which brings a sense of calmness to the one looking. I relate the stones color with the innocence of youth because children would often believe in the existence of mermaids whose tail colors are same with that of aquamarines.

Though the stone is simple, yet it exudes elegance which makes it one of the many jewelry pieces that could make it into the lists of classics aquamarine gemstone. Wearing the aquamarine emerald cut ring in a white dress would create a goddess of the sea look to its wearer. The ring must have stand out when complemented with a white dress.

Since it is the real thing, expect that this gemstone should be expensive but let expensive than diamonds. Aquamarine emerald cut ring can serve as an heirloom of the family because the stone can pass the test of time. Always buy the product in a reputable jewelry store to make sure it is genuine.