While xCloud is starting public tests in October, Stadia is slated to launch just a month later.

At 1080p and 60 fps, Doom Eternal worked pretty much flawlessly, and I played it using Google’s custom Stadia controller that comes bundled with its Founder’s Edition for $130 (with a Chromecast Ultra and three months of service) or sold separately for $69.

I could not detect any noticeable input lag, and there was no discernible on-screen effects indicating the visuals were being streamed from a cloud server to the Pixelbook, and then from the Pixelbook to the Samsung TV.

Granted, I wasn’t playing an online game, so there’s no telling what types of latency issues you might run into there.

At one point, my Stadia stream stopped receiving inputs from the Stadia controller, leaving my unfortunate Doom Eternal character squashed up against a wall while I got pounded on by angry demons.

At another point about 25 minutes into the demo, the stream did crash.

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