Google's Pixel 4 phone could come equipped with the tech giant's Project Soli chip, according to a report.

Known as Project Soli, Google's radar-based motion sensors will allow users to operate phones via hand gestures.

Google had unveiled Project Soli at I/O back in 2016 with a video, showing how people could use the technology to control their smartwatch and smart speakers by moving your hand and fingers.

9to5Google said Tuesday it had heard that the Project Soli chip is being integrated into the upcoming Pixel 4 flagship phone.

In Dec. 2018, Google was granted approval by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to deploy and operate the Project Soli sensors at high power levels and aboard aircraft.

Google had applied for the waiver in March last year, with the sensor allowing Google to capture motion in a 3D space using a radar beam.

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