Everyone knows DJI for its drones and gimbals, but its newest device is a little more grounded.

The $499 RoboMaster S1 is a tank-like remote control rover packed a wealth of movement options, a dextrous gimbal, a variety of sensors, and a blaster that shoots gel beads.

Core to the S1 are its Mecanum wheels, a design that allows a robot to move in any direction, including strafing side to side.

The S1 is able to stop on a dime and move back, forth, left, and right over uneven terrain with ease.

Riding the wheels is a gimbal equipped with both infrared and gel bead blasters that basically allow you to play a remote-controlled version of laser tag or paintball.

This is all controlled via a mobile app, which taps into the S1’s camera and allows you to do anything from play battle and racing games (more on this in a bit), to programming the robot to perform a variety of tasks.

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