Whether your grad is planning an epic post-college road adventure, or simply wants to stay home and spend a few weeks forgetting everything he or she studied for that last round of finals, we've got thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to please your loved one.

DirtFish rally school is located in Snoqualmie, Washington, with two-hour courses starting at $499, but the school also offers five-day programs and even private instruction.

College and high-school graduates are typically cash-strapped, which means they're likely driving older vehicles sporting outdated technology.

The 6.95-inch Sony XAV-AX5000 at $400 is a solid, low- to midpriced choice, but if you really feel like splurging, Alpine's 7-inch iLX-107 is sweet.

Very few brand-new cars come with wireless smartphone-mirroring tech, so this system would actually put your grad ahead of the curve.

Is your graduate is a fan of Google Assistant?

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