EE’s 5G network is available in six cities around the U.K. including London, but as we’ve seen with Verizon in Chicago, it’s not blanket coverage; but rather you’ll just find small pockets of fast 5G speeds as you move around the city.

The first, most important point to make is that coverage is hyper-localized.

Walking down The Strand also returned results of at least 200Mbps and higher.

I carried out an effective test of 5G’s speed and low latency while sitting down for coffee on The Strand.

Elsewhere on my expedition, I downloaded a 45-minute, 1080p Netflix episode in around 25 seconds over 5G, while the same episode took more than 1 minute 40 seconds over 4G LTE.

These are simple tasks, yet not having any wait time removed frustration and increased usefulness.

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