Throughout the history of independent India, one of the toughest decisions for the Indian government has been to take action against erring and non-performing public servants.

One, the power, though diluted after an amendment to the Constitution, they draw from articles 308-314 (Part 14) of the Indian constitution which provides them constitutional safeguards.

In this background, if actions are taken against the non-performing officers, it is no less an achievement for the central government.

In a determined fashion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been on a journey to clean-up the system.

During his tenures both as Chief Minister of Gujarat and Prime Minister of India, PM Modi has always been known as a tough taskmaster and a leader who can take action against non-performing officials.

On these lines, the Modi government on June 10, 2019, sacked 12 senior tax officers for reasons like corruption and misconduct.

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