What happens when five direct-to-consumer brands come together for an event and focus not on selling themselves but on lavishing attention and love on their furry friends?

Burrow, Ollie, Fi, Recess and Wild One threw a “Make Your Dog at Home” event at Burrow House in New York on June 8, where more than 120 people rolled through (along with 60 very good dogs) to test Burrow’s pet friendly couch, dabble in a taste test of Ollie—a DTC human-grade pet food company, try out Fi—a wireless collar for dogs, relax by sipping on Recess and try on leashes and other pet accessories from Wild One.

For most of the brands involved, it was less about making a sale and more about connecting with each other’s consumers—particularly for Ollie, Fi and Wild One, which don’t have retail footprints.

“It’s as much brand building as it is customer building and authentically engaging with our consumers,” said Gabby Slome, co-founder and CXO at Ollie.

“We’re not there to sell; we’re there to connect with our potential customers.”

Ollie, which currently sells via Jet.com in addition to its own site, isn’t ready to open up a retail store, considering there’s a level of personalization in its products.

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