On New York’s Crosby Street, a cobblestone side street nestled between Spring and Prince, is a neon oasis.

Bright orange, green and pink lights shine through the windows, and when customers slip through the front door, they become engulfed in color.

Welcome to House of Drunk, a new pop-up from Drunk Elephant, a cult favorite skincare brand that’s become an Instagram darling, particularly over the past half-decade.

(It’s also currently “open” to discussing a sale with interested parties, reports Bloomberg; according to Business of Fashion, Unilever was sniffing around a billion-dollar acquisition.)

The beauty brand did the pop-up thing in Singapore (November 2018) and London (October 2018) to trumpet its entrance into those markets.

The SoHo space functions as a temporary store for Drunk Elephant, which doesn’t have any permanent brick-and-mortar locations, as well as a branded touch point for a company that’s engaged in very little traditional advertising and paid partnerships.

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