One of the major benefits of electric cars is that, with much simpler powertrains than their combustion-powered predecessors, EVs should require a lot less maintenance.

This means fewer inconvenient trips to service centers for owners, but that still doesn't mean they're exactly maintenance-free.

You'll still need some service for things like tires, air filters and brakes, as well as recall fixes and unexpected problems.

Electric automaker Tesla aims to soften the maintenance blow by bringing the service center to the customer with its Tesla Mobile Service program.

The automaker has transformed a small fleet of vehicles into rolling workshops driven by certified technicians, who drive out to Teslas wherever they happen to be to perform fixes ranging from simple and routine maintenance to complex airbag recalls.

In fact, Tesla tells us that about 31% of its Takata airbag recalls have been completed by Mobile Service technicians in the field with an average replacement time of about 30 minutes.

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