Microsoft has been showing off a new prototype privately to its employees, an innovative dual-screen device that currently goes by the codename “Surface Centaurus.” It’s a project that’s been in the works for years, having taken a few different forms as it’s evolved.

As of yet, it’s never been officially spoken of by Microsoft, only hinted at in rumors and reports.

It’s still too far out to make accurate claims about the Surface Centaurus price.

Add in new dual-screen technology, and it’s easy to guess that $1,000 or higher is a good starting place for the device.

As for a release date, Microsoft has made no official announcement or teaser for when to expect it.

Microsoft has reportedly stopped work on Andromeda to focus on Centaurus, reasoning that software would be easier to develop for a larger screen, and worrying that there wasn’t enough demand to justify its production.

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