Much like upgrading most of your household appliances, buying a new vacuum cleaner, well, sucks.

There are way too many factors involved like price, weight, cord length, adaptability, etc.

As with many things, including fans, hand dryers and other futuristic things you usually find at the mall, the gold standard for these kinds of things has been Dyson, the British technology company founded nearly 30 years ago.

It turns out that the disciples of Dyson, have more in store for us than we thought.

A couple of former Dyson engineers are launching a new vacuum with a killer warranty that brings the ingenuity of Dyson’s innovation together with a do-it-yourself ingenuity that promises a vacuum cleaner that is not only efficient and adaptable, but also meets a lot of the criteria those of us who want the easy solution are looking for in a vacuum cleaner.

It’s a startup-founded project based in the U.K. that has been in the works since 2015 when the company, Lupe Technology, was founded by former Dyson employees Lucas Horne, an industrial designer with experience at both Dyson and Bosch, and Pablo Montero, an aeronautical engineer.

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