Phishing remains one of the most useful tools in a cybercriminal's arsenal as new research from Valimail has revealed that at least 3.4bn fake emails are sent out worldwide each day.

The firm's latest quarterly report, Email Fraud Landscape for Spring 2019, shows that email impersonation accounting for 1.2 percent of all email sent during Q1 2019.

While this is lower than the 1.6 percent rate that Valimail noted in Q2 2018, it still represents a huge amount of fake messages.

The firm used proprietary data from its analysis of billions of email message authentication requests along with publicly accessible DMARC and SPF records to compile its report.

CEO and co-founder of Valimail Alexander García-Tobar provided further insight on the findings of the report, saying:

"It remains clear that fake emails from hackers, phishers and other cyber criminals constitute the major source of cyberattacks.

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