Netflix is no stranger to gaming, and it's pouring more resources into seeing its star Netflix Originals show, Stranger Things, among favorite app store games.

"We have a new Stranger Things on mobile platforms coming in 2020," said Chris Lee, Netflix's Director of Interactive Games, during at an E3 2019 panel.

There are few details about this new Stranger Things game, but we know it's a role-playing game (RPG) puzzle hybrid that uses location-based technology, something you may be familiar with when playing Pokemon Go.

In this game, however, you're fighting the Upside Down and can do that in your own backyard, according to Lee, who also mentioned it has a Saturday Morning '80s cartoon retro style to the graphics.

Stranger Things coming from developer Next Games in Helsinki, Finland, and a slide behind Lee at the E3 panel noted it's launching on iOS and Android next year.

More Netflix games to come

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