I'm sorry, I won't comment on ongoing litigation: Two privacy lawsuits filed against Amazon

Amazon has been hit with two lawsuits in the US over the recording and storage of children's voices through its Alexa digital assistant.

The lawsuits [PDF] were lodged in California and Washington courts this week by the guardians of unnamed children aged 8 and 10, and are largely identical: both argue that Amazon is illegally profiting from the analysis of requests that minors have made to the Echo family of devices, as well as an increasing range of other devices that use the voice-recognition technology.

That's only half the problem though, the lawsuit argues.

You know that silly fear about Alexa recording everything and leaking it online?

In particular, the lawsuits claim that Amazon is "creating voiceprints of users, which can be used to identify them when they speak to other devices in other locations," and as such is creating a "massive database of voice recordings containing the private details of millions of Americans."

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